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Lapham News Blog: The 'C' Word - CJL - 6-Oct-2009: "The 'C' Word - CJL - 6-Oct-2009
Warning: this may be as close to a bomb as I can get!

This was a Lapham top secret development (an oxymoron, if there ever was one) until next Mon when we are supposed to know what we are talking about. In the first 24 hrs Peter leaked at least to Ben. So much for news management! This is a now a test of Letterman style news management. I have tests tomorrow for Karposi’s Sarcoma which I just got diagnosed with. It is a cancer, one that is pretty famous for infecting younger aids patients. By Monday afternoon, I should know how bad I have got it. My doctors think we probably got it early. My guess is that I’m still going to end in a heart attack. I hope everybody remembers how Yul Brunner appeared in the King and I. as Chemotherapy is likely. It is generally one of the more manageable cancers. Chemotherapy is universally agreed to suck"

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lapham News Blog

Lapham News Blog: "We have been to Delphi. Arlene probably has beginning Alzheimer’s and also so do I. We are both on Namenda and Excelon. The Excelon will help with our Parkinson’s if we get that too. The Alzheimer’s is in the early stages, but there is not much of a down side to starting treatment early. Neither of us is terribly serious yet. I still expect to die of a heat attack before the Alzheimer’s get serious. I suppose Arlene could be in more trouble than I am.

It there is any way to avoid a nursing home, I intend to find it."

Thursday, July 02, 2009

429 pow ws

429 pow ws: "Lapham EF F/O RAF 22-Jun-43 Krefeld HZ520" LAPHAM - Google Search: "F/O Lapham who was shot down that night commented, 'Who can say we were wrong about having our regular rituals upset by the press and photos? .."

429 sqn RCAF Research: "Fortunae Nihil (Nothing to Chance)
429 sqn RCAF (SDOE)This is our research site of the 429 sqn RCAF. We are doing detailed research on 429 RCAF Sqn/6 RCAF Group/Bomber Command."

Air Force POWs La Franchise, R A, to Lythgoe, C G: "L3 1700 Lapham E F 130258 RAF"

Daily Operations:

    June 21/22, 1943

    44 Halifaxes from 408, 419, 427, and 428 Squadrons were joined by 42 Wellingtons from 429, 431, and 432 Squadrons on an attack at Krefeld. The crews were over the target at between 16,000 and 19,500 feet, releasing 124,000 lbs of high explosives and 253,000 lbs of incendiaries. According to reports, the bombing was accurate and severe damage was caused.

"F/Sgt E. Eames RAF–POW and crew, flying Wellington X HZ-520 coded AL-Z, failed to return from this operation.

F/O E. Lapham RAF–POW
F/Sgt H. Holmes RAF
Sgt W. Wright RAF–POW
F/O D. Milne RCAF

2 crew killed and 3 POWs after being shot down by a Nightfighter."

"Memorial Wellington HZ520

Fressevenweg, 5570 GA, Bergeijk
WWII Percentage:

Photo #1 Memorial Wellington HZ520

On June 22nd 1943 at 01:20 a bomber crashed alongside the Fressevenweg in Bergeijk in the Dutch province of Noord Brabant. The Wellington HZ520 of 429 Squadron was downed by the German night fighter Hauptmann Wer ner Baake. The crashed aircraft took part in a raid on the German city of Krefeld.
That same night Hauptmann Baake of Nachtgeschwader 1./NJG1 also claimed a Halifax which crashed in the vicinity of the village of Uden . Werner Baake received the “Ritterkreuz” (Knight’s cross) on 27 July, 1944, for 41 downed allied aircraft during World War Two.

The monument consists of a pedestal of brickwork with a polished granite stone on top with an engraved text which may be translated as follows:
In the night of 21 to 22 June, 1943, near this crater WELLINGTON HZ520 has crashed.
Two crew members were killed
F/Sgt H.V. Holmes – RAF
F/O D. S. Milne - RCAF
Taken prisoner of war
F/Sgt E.A.Eams – RAF
F/O E.F. Lapham – RAF
W/O W.H. Wright – RAF
Unveiled by E.F. Lapham on September 11th, 1994.

Ten meters behind the monument you will find the crater that was caused by the crash.

The two crew members that were killed received their last resting place on the British war cemetery in Woensel (in the municipality of Eindhoven). On the front side of the brickwork pedestal there is a copper engraving with the picture of F/O Lapham.

Source: René Winters
Pictures: René Winters"

Monday, June 29, 2009

Billy Lapham 1921 - 1942

RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: LAPHAM one-name study:

"# Name: Wiliam George Webb Lapham 1
# Sex: M
# Birth: ABT 1921 in of Ayr Scotland

# Death: 25 JUN 1942 in Pilot Officer (Bomb Aimer) near Hanover , Germany
# Military Service: BEF JUN 1942 Pilot Officer (Bomb Aimer) Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Service No: 121560 - 27. E. 9. BECKLINGEN WAR CEMETERY 1
# Burial: 25 JUN 1942 Soltau, Niedersachsen Germany 1"

  1. Title: Commonwealth War Graves Commission
The Wartime Memories Project - RAF Honeybourne:

Honeybourne Airfield opened 3/12/40 and was used for training Canadian pilots.

The Airfield closed in 1947. The runways have now reverted to farm land and part of the site is now an industrial park. The control tower is now a private dwelling.

"I am researching the Roll of Honour for my old school and one casualty was Pilot Officer E.L. Bedford. He took off from Honeybourne in a Whitley bomber belonging to 24 Operations Training Unit (OTU) on 24/25 June 1942 heading for Bremen. OTU's very often flew in missions with a/c crewed by trained crews.

The Whitley was a Mk V serial number Z 9441. The rest of the crew were: Pilot Officer J.A. Preston RCAF, Pilot Officer W.G.W. Lapham and Sergeants C.R. Robertson RCAF and A.E.Owen.

Any information please?

Phil Stanbridge"

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lapham-Patterson locking it's doors for good - News, Weather and Sports for Albany, Valdosta and Thomasville. Leading the way for South Georgia. |

Lapham-Patterson locking it's doors for good - News, Weather and Sports for Albany, Valdosta and Thomasville. Leading the way for South Georgia. |: "THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Thomasville's only national historic landmark is closing.

The Lapham-Patterson House was built in 1885...and it's last tour will be given June 14th.

It's closure is part of deep budget cuts in the State's Parks and Recreation Division.

Two people are on staff at the house, one will be transferred, the other let go.

Although it's set to close June 14th, a group of Thomasville citizens is working to re-open it as soon as possible. It cost about $50,000 a year to operate the house."

Friday, May 22, 2009

Lapham Patterson house

Lapham Patterson house - Google Image Search

Lapham-Patterson House - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "built between 1884-85 as a winter cottage for businessman C.W. Lapham of Chicago"

Mr. Lapham was a Quaker but was also deeply involved in the Occult. Workers at the house have reported unusual occurrences which some have attributed to paranormal activity.

Friday, April 10, 2009

RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project

RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: Matt Hudson Ancestors (Alexander, Window, Tewkesbury, Sheppard, Straker, Hudson) & quite a few more too numerous to list here.:
"Pollinger, Thomas Abraham b: 1844 in Bristol, Glos., England d: 1878 in Bristol, Glos., England
Pollinger, Thomas George b: ABT 1866 in Bristol, Glos., England
Pollinger, William Baden b: ABT 1867 in Bristol, Glos., England
Pollinger, William Baiden b: 1842 in Bristol, Glos., England"
RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: WATKINS LAPHAM updated 2009:
"Pollinger, William b: 1890
Pollinger, William Baden b: ABT 1842"

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