Wednesday, October 07, 2009

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Lapham News Blog: The 'C' Word - CJL - 6-Oct-2009: "The 'C' Word - CJL - 6-Oct-2009
Warning: this may be as close to a bomb as I can get!

This was a Lapham top secret development (an oxymoron, if there ever was one) until next Mon when we are supposed to know what we are talking about. In the first 24 hrs Peter leaked at least to Ben. So much for news management! This is a now a test of Letterman style news management. I have tests tomorrow for Karposi’s Sarcoma which I just got diagnosed with. It is a cancer, one that is pretty famous for infecting younger aids patients. By Monday afternoon, I should know how bad I have got it. My doctors think we probably got it early. My guess is that I’m still going to end in a heart attack. I hope everybody remembers how Yul Brunner appeared in the King and I. as Chemotherapy is likely. It is generally one of the more manageable cancers. Chemotherapy is universally agreed to suck"


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