Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lapham Peak

Lapham Peak Unit, Kettle Moraine State Forest - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Lapham Peak is a Wisconsin state park located in the Kettle Moraine State Forest park system. It is just south of Delafield and seven miles west of Waukesha. The park entrance is two miles north of the Glacial Drumlin State Trail."

"History Timeline: 10,000 Years Ago- Lapham Peak was formed by a glacier

1851- Charles Hanson erects a 20 foot tower on Lapham Peak as a tourist attraction

1870- Increase Lapham proposed a creation of a national weather service, the first weather observations were issued and published from Lapham Peak

1939 & 1940- 50 acres of land was turned over to the Conservation Department for use as a park, a year later in 1940 a 45 foot tower was erected, also constructing trails, picnic grounds,"

Historical Images

Wisconsin Historical Images | Portraits of Scientists: Increase Lapham's Cartes-de-visites Collection: "A self-educated engineer and naturalist, Increase Lapham was Wisconsin's first scientist and one of the state's foremost citizens.
He wrote the first book published in Wisconsin; made the first accurate map of the state; investigated Wisconsin's effigy mounds, native trees and grasses, climatic patterns, and geology; and helped found many of the schools, colleges and other cultural institutions, including the Wisconsin Historical Society, that still enrich the state today.

He also kept in-touch with many of the leading geologists, botanists, and other scientists and artists of his day, amassing an album of photographs to visually complement his extensive personal correspondence. Lapham's album of portraits, 95 in all, is the feature gallery this month from Wisconsin Historical Images, the Society's online image database.

Lapham was born in Palmyra, New York, in 1811, and came west to Milwaukee in 1836 to assist with the construction of the Milwaukee and Rock River Canal. The canal was never built but Lapham decided to stay "

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New house on New South Lapham Land

New South Lapham Land: "The completion of the cellar stairs was a major feat. As they said ,'third time is the charm'. Thats our motto. The utilities were installed this week. Electric though temp on pole, its power. The rough in on plumbing is done, and thats another story, is being inspected tomorrow . All doors are now in, we are ready for the floods. The front wall which we left open for light is enclosed. As the days are drawing closer to the 22nd, I am shifting my attention to wedding details. Pete and Rye will attempt the deck and siding. Thats the wrap for this week. OH!!! forgot to mention it rained all day here today. Awww cooler temps and end of some of the dust!!!!"

New South Lapham Land: August 2007: "As we are all familair with the 1960's show 'Green Acres', the carpenters names were Ralph the female and Alf the male...well Alf and I have completed phase one of the house. Rising daily for the last 3 days at 5am and working till 1230 we did it and beat the heat except for last 2 and 1/2 hours. Whew!!!! Green Mountain coffee to jump start us and Gaterade to keep us revived."