Sunday, February 17, 2008

Stourton, Kilmington and Mere Genealogies - Main Page

Stourton, Kilmington and Mere Genealogies - Main Page: "On these webpages you will find extracts from the database of all individuals who were born prior to 1907. In some cases it is very extensive, in others it is no more than a name and an estimate of a birth date. The following summarises progress to date:

Last Internet update: 15 Feb 2008

Number of individuals in database: 14,343

Marriages entered into database and pedigrees established:

Parish Denomination Start End Notes
Stourton C of E 1750 1924 Nil
Stourton Catholic 1840 1900 1901-1924 still to go
Kilmington C of E 1800 1899 1775-1799 & 1900-1924 still to go
Kilmington Methodist

Only 1900-1908 available
Mere C of E

1775-1924 still to go
Mere Methodist

None located
Mere Congregationalist

1853-1862 & 1892-1896 available
Mere Quaker 1650 1837 Only one marriage of Mere


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