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Military History Resources

Asplin Military History Resources:

The Men of the Imperial Yeomanry, Lovats Scouts and Scottish Horse in the Boer War of 1899 to 1902. This is a complete list extracted from my book on this subject - here I give the names, ranks and numbers, as well as units of the nearly 40,000 men who fought with these units in this war.
Names are listed alphabetically by surname..

: "Lapham, Albert 21881, Private 25th Coy., 7th Bn. I.Y.
Lapham, Alfred 11303, Trooper 61st Coy., 17th Bn. I.Y.
Lapham, Jeffery Bowden 35039, Trooper 112th Coy., 11th Bn. I.Y.
Lapham, Robert Alexander 12034, Trooper 65th Coy., 17th Bn. I.Y."

The Army Death Indexes 1901-1905. This is the index of the Deaths recorded by the British Army in this period, they relate to a series of Death Certificates available through the ONS (familiar to any Genealogist) and are orderable through that organization. They cover deaths in India, Ceylon, South Africa, Burma, Egypt and a dozen more locations around the Empire which occured outside of war periods (it does not cover the Boer War deaths).

The index covers both soldiers, soldiers wives and children.


to index the more complete WO 127 series (nominal rolls with details) in due course, work is on going at the moment by ted Asplin, Ted Beard and members of the British Medal Forum.

Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902

World map for British Empire & Commonwealth Land Forces: " Nations and Territories of Britain, the Empire and Commonwealth..."

Regiments Introduction (Land Forces of the British Empire and Commonwealth): "Regimental pages for every regiment of the Empire and Commonwealth. Each page contains snapshot information such as title changes and lineage, battalion service histories, battle honours, badges, lists of colonels, alliances, bibliographies, etc. as well as links to 'every' known regimental page on the internet (official, historical, biographical, re-enactment, etc.). Several features are cross-referenced to other sections of the site. For example, the battle honours for each regiment are linked to war pages which give more information about the context of the battles and their wars. "


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