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Amor, Honor et Justitia

"Amor, Honor et Justitia" - Google Search shows that this motto is linked to the Bayard family in USA, the Limerick Masons Guild and the
Royal Masonic Institution for Boys - 1977 medal

(Justitia, also called Persephone, is Minerva’s name when she judges the dead in Hades).

about the "LAPHAM" coat of arms

In heraldry the simplest version of a design is the oldest and this appears to be an early variation of the arms of a Guild of Masons.

This simple chevron could even be read as a working square
derived directly from the fr. chevron, i.e. rafter of a roof.

stemma araldico in nero su bianco recante 3 torri, 2 in alto ed una in basso, separate da un compasso aperto.

those of the Masons Company, a plain chevron and three Towers.

the clear similarity in the forms of their heraldic arms: the Carpenters having three dividers or compasses around an engrailed 'chevron' (fig. no. 5),
whilst the Masons had three castles or towers around a similarly engrailed chevron on which a pair of compasses is displayed (fig. no. 6).

What is even more singular is that on an earlier form of the Carpenter's arms we see the central chevron bearing a working square and what looks remarkably like a primitive skirret with its string (fig. no. 7).

Sotto, in bianco su nero, il motto su cartiglio: "AMOR HONOR ET JUSTITIA

about the "LAPHAM" crest

a better description might be:-
an arm in armour embowed to the sinister holding a sword
I have not found an example sinister but dexter is seen in several irish or scottish arms.


Blogger Hugh Watkins said...

posted by HW from my email:-

On the Lapham36 blog you show a crest. It is an arm holding a dagger. My great grandparents were given a tea set with that crest on it when they married in the late 1880's or early 1890's , in Colorado USA. It looks identical to the one pictured but it does not go all the way down to the elbow. It ends just above the elbow. It also had the scroll work at the bottom of the arm.

Jerri Lapham Phillips

3:11 PM, July 21, 2006  

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